Friday, March 13, 2009

My final words on this matter....okay!!

Watch out I've lost that self control again!!!
In all honesty I've had enough!! I am aware that some of you might not be aware of the history but there is history!!
I watched a good friend get torn to shreds by the pitbull behavior of some high ranking TB members and mods over at LE. I have seen how they treat others with little regard of how it would effect others. I am very aware of a fellow lampworker being stalked through the internet by some of these very highly regarded members!! They love to stir up trouble over at LE but keep their lil' sandpit spit polished clean!!
I am sick to death of them shouting how magnificent they are when they enjoy treating others with absolute disrespect!!
So yes, Torchbugs may appear to be a positive environment. But in the early days many things happened - it resulted in posts being deleted very quickly, threads disappearing all in the name of the forum being the 'positive' environment that they boasted of.
A recent incident over in the LE Bathroom resulted in the Campfire changes.
Unless you know the history, I beg you please don't bother to comment on what you actually do not know. OK!!
Yes, I have been able to log on with my original name - no surprise really!! Neither party can prove either way what actually was going on. Will I go back?- SERIOUSLEY!! - no I won't. I'm sure it shows when the person last logged in or something like that. I have no need to suck up to those woman, to share with them, or do anything else with them for that matter. Some of them do fabulous work, doesn't mean I like the human behind the work and I'm sure the feelings are pretty much mutual.
LE has become home with a great community of people. The vendors and major vendors are there. A lot of information is there. To be honest going to an almost replica forum holds no value to me. I got sucked in out of curiousity and it grew from there. I joined an exchange. I have been friends with this lampworker for many years and my integrity was challenged in a PM from a mod. When they found out I was there, they came with guns blazing. Admittedly my relationship with most of these woman was non-existant but no where did they state that they would be selective in who they welcomed and who they would not. The fact that another lampworker and I caught them in situations that contradicted what they stated and we voiced our opinions made us 'persona non grata'. So why should I think a hiccup/glitch was anything but that??
Just the other night/morning I watched how a bunch of them twist words to make it suite them. Accusing others of doing things that they hadn't. Why do they do this? Because they know it will be flushed.
You want to put these woman on a pedestal and say how great they are, then good for you. Your experience with them has only been positive. As for mine - quite simply I doubt we will ever see eye to eye!! Why??? It's an issue of TRUST and I for one will never trust them. To put it midly, if I were to go into battle I would never trust one of those woman to watch my back!!
In all honesty I am happy with the handful of people who come to my blog to read it for what it is, for those of you who have no time for me. Just why are you here!! Surely my opinion is of no concern to you!! So in all honesty - buzz off!!
...and seriousley if you cannot stand by what you say by leaving your name - PLEEEESE don't bother to comment. I have very little respect for those who cannot stand by what they have to say!!


Jennifer Cameron said...

I am just commenting for you and anyone else that finds forums to bring them down emotionally. I don't know the entire history, just what I've read here. However, let me give you a simple piece of advice for your own happiness and well being. It is what I do. Stay away from the forums...ESPECIALLY the bathroom. If you need info, go there only to search for what you need. Forums are like addictions or bad car wrecks. It's impossible not to look, but it's better if you don't. Trust me. Spend your new free time making beads instead and you will be a much happier person.

ShellyD said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for stoppy by. You make some very valid points.


DianaDesigns said...

Michelle, its just so not worth the stress. They enjoy getting under peoples skin. They enjoy doing what they do. They enjoy getting a rise out of people. It really is the High School Bullies all over again. They have great talent, but little grace and social skill. I mean look at their post counts, and how long they stay on and how they are on these forums every single day! There is no way they have actual lives outside of those forum places and making beads. How sad really.
I personally don't give a hoot what they say about me. I know who I am and how I carry myself. THEY have never met me, or even done business with me. They may not like what I say, but that is because I spoke the truth and we all know the truth hurts. Its nothing more than hurt feelings and bruised egos.