Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It must be a 'glitch' or 'gremlin' or heaven forbid a 'bug'

Well that will teach me for opening my BIG mouth and supporting somebody who was on the receiving end of a severe trashing. Will I ever learn?? Apparently, NO would be the answer. LOL Nor is it a lesson I want to learn!! You (and you know just exactly who you all are) trash somebody just because you can and say they're 'this' and they're 'that', but I see through your CRAP as I am sure many others do. I wonder, did your membership drive achieve what you wanted it too.

I know that a couple of hours earlier after reading that someone could not see the campfire area on a certain forum, I popped over and had a quick check - yeah, I could still read what was posted but then I opened my big mouth and then *poof* someone waved their ever so powerful mod wand and now I can't. Can you tell how heart broken I am. I just don't think I'll ever recover from this. I get this sweet little message that I need to have 10 posts. Now I won't say either way if I will ever achieve those 10 posts but for now I'm in NO particular hurry but you never know I might just change my mind. Now did I cover all the bases?? Hopefully!! Cause shit, I don't want to be caught in another one of those 'but you posted on your blog....blah, blah, blah!!!

Girls you really should learn that it is not nice to run to one sandpit and spew and then run to your own forum and cry foul. Or post things on one forum but then on another say that that is not what you are saying at all and cry foul and call someone names when you're caught??

Nor will I be renewing my membership with an organisation where I honestly believe that in spats like these, the President of the organisation should in all honesty not get involved. But then that is my opinion. And NO, I will not be renewing it any time soon after what I saw happening this morning.

Yes, I know. Stop poking a stick in the rattlers.

edited to add that it would appear that all members under 10 posts seem to have been affected by this. Geesh, I'm not special. LOL But I still guess that this mornings or rather late evenings little spat had something to do with it.


DianaDesigns said...

Good grief, those gremlins where at it again? Just remember, Skunks don't change their colors, stripes or STINK.

DianaDesigns said...

Oh and wanted to add that NO it did not achieve what they wanted as like I said on my blog, many of the people that do NOT agree with them, joined the Bug forum for entertainment purposes, and because they enjoy poking the