Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Living healthy and camping : Do they go together??

Oh boy!! Wanna see the most well intentioned plans go wrong. Try planning your eating routine around camping. It proved to be very challenging. Skipping breakfast on Saturday was probably not the best of starts, but hey, we were frantically trying to pack the car and praying I had packed everything we would need, which I had not!! Next time or rather now I should be making a list with tick boxes. {{grin}}

Lunch which I had planned was forgotten in the brink of starvation and got to the point of 'just hand me that tuna roll now'.

Uhhmmmmm, dinner. Mother nature had her plans too, it rained at the same time we thought it best to try and get dinner cooked. Only having fire as our best option - it turned out to be quite an exercise to get the chicken cooked. Now most convenience packaged foods do not make for healthy eating - so next camping trip which is 3 nights and almost 4 days is going to prove to be far more challenging and put my organisational skills to the test. LOL

I keep telling myself that April is cooler so it should be easier. Our camp site does not have electricity so we will be dependant on gas and fire for cooking. As for keeping things cold. Let's just say the little shop has ice.

But Easter weekend poses other challenges. Chocolate eggs and hot cross buns are my weakness around Easter. Do you know what a challenge it is to pass up on those hot cross buns?? I feel my self-control waning everytime I pass them in the bakery. Nor can I tell my boys that the Easter bunny won't be bringing eggs but carrots instead. Hmmmm, that will not make for a fun weekend!! I just got to stick to my guns and say NO, No, no, thank-you!! I can do this right?

Anybody got any ideas for an Eating Plan while out camping? I'd love to hear your ideas.


Kyfarmlife said...

AHGH My comment didnt work! Okay here I go again! LOL First let me say "HA" to your family members who thought the tent wasnt wise to get....who are they to determine family time is unwise or a waste! Looks like overall you had a great time....so to hell with em! We always take a grill if there are non, lunch meat for easy sandwiches, chips, drinks, prepared hambuger meat and hotdogs...of course America is the fattest in the world! But thats what we do! LOL

Maggie said...

You can do this! Why? Because you want to release that sexy goddess, who isn't a particular size, but state of mind.

I just finished my week one back on South Beach, phase one. I know I am in a mental place where I can do this. Not doing weigh ins, just judging how my clothes fit for now.

We can cheer each other on. I figure Easter will be my cheat day and that's okay. Malted eggs are too good to go without.

Anonymous said...

Keep it simple. Get a good sized castiron skillet with lid (dutch oven). Try out some one pan meals at home before you go camping. You can mix your spices and put them in baggies.
On a couple trips I have made chilli or pasta sauce and frozen in. We have it the first night/day making that first meal easy. I'll look and see what I can find. Kare

Anonymous said...

a couple links




Anonymous said...

forgot this one a lot of good info

Sara said...

I agree to keep it simple...hamburgers, hot dogs, maybe grilled chicken. oh don't forget the Smores (roasted marshmellos on a graham cracker with chocolate bar). But limit yourself to one. With all the exercise you will get, you can afford to splurge!

The most important thing is to have fun and create wonderful memories for your kids!

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

For sailing trips, I preplanned meals... and pre cooked the meat.. and/or used canned meats (we tried them at home first some were surprisingly good)... meat that was pre-cooked I then FROZE.. and carried in the cooler, that way the fire didn't have the 'cook' the meat just warm it up... a small tarp to shield the fire from wind/rain may alway be helpful... as is charcoal (instead of wood)...peanut butter as a last resort when nothing else works... oh and my favorite discovery... fried chicken, pre-cooked, frozen, thawed then warmed up on a charcoal fire... YUMMY!...
Glad you had fun.

Diana Ferreira said...

vacuum packed meat can also tolerate a bit of heat before putting it on the braai ... And if it is in marinade, even better! (red meat only, I would suggest ...)

Awsismi - tiredness overcame me, and I cannot for the life of me think of the meaning of this word ...