Monday, March 2, 2009

Some R & R at Mountain Sanctuary Park

We got home fairly late yesterday but it was, oh so worth it. Can you see the boys exploring?? While they were off exploring I was taking photos and eventually found a cool spot to sit and read.
Here is a link to quite a few of the photos. Let's just say I took a zillion or so and wittled it down to +-53. LOL
On Saturday we did not get away as early as we had hoped, but got to the camp site just before lunch. The weather was overcast and cool. Thankfully we managed to setup camp with only bits of light drizzle which didn't cause too much mayhem. After lunch the sun peeked out for a bit and we headed to the man-made pools. There were beautiful views from the deck and Josh loved the shallow end of the pool. I sat on the edge and dipped my feet in. Bbbrrrrr, was it cold or what. LOL
A mommy warthog and her baby seem to have made the rest camp their feeding ground and came past a few times much to the delight of the kidlets and me of course.
Getting dinner ready proved to be a challenge. The skies opened at around 3ish or so and as soon as it stopped everyone rushed to get their fires going. We barely got the coals lit when down it came again. Oh well, I could see us trying to cook our meat in the teeny pot I had brought with to cook the kidlets noodles. This was going to be fun!! The rain stopped again, wet coals were removed and the fire was started once again. The chicken sosaties and sausage I had brought got cooked eventually even if it did prove to be a challenging task. Reminder next time to take the skottel bit for the gas bottle. It will save lots of time and energy!! LOL
The blow-up mattress was not as bad as I thought it would be and we got a good nights sleep. This is never a bad thing.
Sunday morning and the skies were full of hope. It definitely turned out to be a wonderful day. We had breakfast and then headed out on one of the paths to the natural sliding pools. Camera and book packed but oops we forgot a towel as we had thought the water would be way to cold to do much in. Boy, were we proved wrong on that one. The boys had fun in the water and enjoyed exploring the stream with their dad - up and down and over rocks. I ventured into the stream as the water was actually quite pleasant and refreshing and eventually found a cosy spot to sit and read while the boys went up and down the stream exploring. Lots of families arrived and hikers kept passing by. It was fun!! Brad's had fun making new friends and Josh had a hard time keeping up with his brother but Ant was there to help him keep up. Shooooo!!
With sad hearts we packed up and told ourselves that before we know it Easter would be along and we'll be off exploring once again!!

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Diana Ferreira said...

What a lovely weekend - rain and all! I really need to do that - cannot remember when last I camped in the wild!

Shelly, you are a wanted woman with the CDC ...

Natche - I would love to say that I did 'natche' today, but that would be a lie ...