Monday, March 9, 2009

The JCI Geological Trail

Yesterday we joined my sister for her bithday at the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens for a picnic with family and friends.

After everyone had enjoyed their picnic's we decided to hit the trail. I think I was partly brave and really stupid. We headed to the waterfall to start our hike. Here was me all eager and taking off like there was no tomorrow. First mistake!! I should have taken it slow. We were barely at the top of the falls and the nausea set in - it was most certainley time to take a breather but here was Josh - demanding we carry on. LOL I caught my breath and prayed to the heavens above that I wouldn't throw up, although part me thought that losing lunch was not entirely a bad idea (probably ate more than I should have, hmmmm, definitely more than I should have). We got to the top of the falls and it was beautiful, luckily the trail flattened out a bit and I could gather myself together. Needless to say that by now I had wanted to turn back a good couple of times - thinking I couldn't do it. Ant was good - he never insisted either way but followed my lead. Off we were again. The trail continued up and up - I guess this was the Roodekrans Ridge. I found a few good rocks to sit on along that trail. When we finally got to the top it really felt good!! I had done it. Now there was the matter of getting back down. Although not back-breaking, my legs took strain and my right ankle decided to kick up a protest but I took it in my stride. Finally back on even ground my legs were clearly not talking to me but I felt good. Now all I want to do is go back and do other walks as well as this one. A good way to get fit, don't you think.

That was my Sunday!!


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

I'm so proud of you for pressing on... and reaching the top... You go girl.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Joke for you that someone sent me today....

Went to the doctor for my yearly physical.

The nurse starts with certain basics.

How much do you weigh?' she asks. '135,' I say.
The nurse puts me on the scale. It turns out my weight is 180.

The nurse asks, 'Your height?' '5 foot 4,' I say.
The nurse checks and sees that I only measure 5'2'.

She then takes my blood pressure and tells me it is very high.
'Of course it's high!' I scream, 'When I came in here I was tall and
slender! Now I'm short and fat!'

She put me on Prozac. What a bitch.

angelinabeadalina said...

Way to go! That's a great smile on your face, too, btw :)

Diana Ferreira said...

Congrats! When you come down to Cape Town we have to go and climb our mountain! At least we can take the cable car to go down again - I hate downhill - the ligaments in both my ankles is so stretched from lots of previous sprains that it just buckles under me at the slightest chance.

Ische - you did it! A word used to exclaim wonder or amazement ...

Deronda designs... said...

Yay! Good for you. What a wonderful way to stretch your go girl!