Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You want to see what spiteful looks like....

Go take a look in the mirror if you have issues. May I remind you of a pesky rule I would hope you would respect and that is if you don't like what I blog about then don't freaking read it.

I am a person who is real, who blogs about everything in my life. It is not just about lampworking, it is about my life and what is happening in at the time. I blog about a bunch of high school girls who have nothing better to do than play silly games and scream INNOCENT!!

Call it a glitch, call it paranoia, I really couldn't care!!

Same computer, same everything. I can log into Torchbugs under my new make believe life...NO PROBLEM!! Log in as 2Glassy4U and yes I am there for all you wonderful people to see but guess what I CAN'T!! Reminder - same computer, same ISP - so tell me why??? Must be one of those internet things. Yeah....deep paranoia!!

You want to be so squeeeeky clean that you don't have the BALLS to ban those you don't tolerate, you stoop to childish behavior and scream NOT US, NEVER US!!

Jy weet wat, julle maak my maal. Dit is nou tyd dat ek my goed vat en trek ferreira!! Jou forum is nie die moeite werd nie!! Put that through your freaking translator!!


Anonymous said...

You know, this is not really important in the great scheme of things. You would think, on the day you buried your grandmother, that you might come to realize that.

If you hate these people so much, why are you spending so much time trying to get on their forum and blogging about it here? It's obviously very important to you.

Why don't you try honey instead of vinegar. If you want to be part of their forum, stop being so hostile to them.

It might work better, you obviously want to be their very badly.

ShellyD said...

You are right. It broke my heart to type that after the day I had.

But reading about my 'spiteful' blog hurt like hell!! It made me mad. But I could retract the words, I could delete them, I could wipe the slate clean. But why? To be like one of them.

My only reason of late to go to that darn forum in the past couple of days is to find out about an exchange I am in. I posted my opinion about what is happening to me - strange how it is happening to others as well. Guess that makes me paranoid.

Just a side note to any other anonymous posters. No sign name - no comment show. Got it!! Good!! I reserve the right to change my mind.