Wednesday, March 11, 2009

At the end of the day...

In a short while I will be making my blog private.

It has a been a tough day. My only reason right now for wanting to log into Torchbugs was to take part in an exchange I joined or ultimately withdraw from it.

I will defend myself no further!!

I am already ashamed with my behavior this evening - there is no excuse except for a lack of self control.

Night all


Kyfarmlife said...

Awwww I hate to hear that your going private! I'll miss your posts! I'm sorry they got you down..hon - been there too with my share of "bleep bleeps"...keep your chin up!

DianaDesigns said...

Shelly, I have no idea why you joined over there but don't let them get to you like this. One of them just accused me of joining, but I never did, so how they got that idea is beyond me. I got all the info I needed BEFORE they made sure most of the forum was private to members only. Now they are playing games with peoples sign in, what do you expect from them? Really, they played games over on LE and now they are playing games over there. Same shit, different forum.
They are digging their own holes and trying to make it look like we are the ones who look bad. TRUST me when I say more people have lost a lot of respect and faith in many many of those people.
Like I said before, people have joined over there for the entertainment value and to poke the other reason. They enjoy doing that, I don't but I respect their decision to join. No hard feelings from me.

The really SAD thing in all this, is that I have heard through email/pm and had comments on my Blog, that people are fearful of using their real names, for fear these people will attempt to ruin their reputation and business.

How sick is that!

Let it go, let them go.


Anonymous said...

Diane, you are off your nut.

There is no drama on Torchbugs. No one is bashing anyone, talking about LE, or either of you delusional paranoid lunatics.

It's all in your mind.

If you think 1200 people joined a forum because they hate the people running it and want to watch people talk about glass, books, movies, food and all the other things people talk about, you are both completely nuts.

We joined because we like the person who runs it, our friends are there and we want to be there.

You are legends in your own minds,no one else's.

Rachel said...

Shelly....I HAVE to respond to Anonymous...Let me say to you that bashing anyone shows a level of maturity that shouldnt even have priviledges of using the computer...adolecent behavior really is not becoming. If you dont like this blog why do you come? Because you have not experienced Shelly's experience doesnt make her wrong....your self righteous attitude is really ugly..go back to the rock from where you crawled from..your what we call a troll..trolls dont belong here or welcome here....your delusions that you are a mature adult are completely lunitic....Shelly..ignore this person, people like this only speak out of envy, and Diana says..LET IT are somuch better than all of them and your MANY friends here love you to death and know the wonderful person that you are! Just delete comments like Anonymous (who doesnt even have the gonads to leave their name!) and put them in the trash where they belong! Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog by following links from another blog and I feel the need to comment.

I have been a member of Torchbugs for a while now and what you are claiming goes on there is just not the case. It really is a friendly, open place with lots of good glassy info.

I was having the same issue with logging on, but it was a server problem and I think they have worked it out now. Maybe you could try logging on again and just poke around and see that there is no negativity?

In any event I wish you well and hope that you and a few others will put all the forum angst behind you, it's really not worth it.

Life is too short to worry about the small stuff!

Wishing you the best...