Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The bathroom scale HATES me....yes, it DOES!!

Don't you just love that website :

I'm getting panicky and frustrated!! The bathroom scale HATES me, I swear it does!! My clothes feel better and I've dropped a cup size as well as a bra size. Does that make sense?? But, the bathroom scale HATES me. The other day I bought a more comfy pair of pants to exercise in - dropped a size. Why doesn't the bathroom scale agree??

I'm almost living at the gym now in this desperation to lose weight. How long I can keep this up - who knows? Yesterday I upped my game on the treadmill and cycling machines. Then after that sweaty session, I bumped into Sanele, our water aerobics instructor who felt some abdominal exercises would be a good idea. I HATE Sanele, okay, I don't - but when I was doing the exercises, I did. LOL I think we have an appointment on Thursday to do some more. I love the exercise for the 'love handles' - had fun with those. LOL

Tonight is Tai Chi and I have done no research. I really must try and squeeze some time in and google it. I need to find a decent pair of slippers that do not have a 'Winnie the Pooh' character on (wouldn't that do down well in class) for class. A nice black pair. And no not slipper slippers, but slippers. {{grin}}

I might try and squeeze in some cardio and maybe some body conditioning as well. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving gym but I'm worried about how much time I end up spending there. I love the smell of pools, I find it refreshing and I also made a new discovery yesterday as well, I seem to do better with cardio when I'm listening to local artists who sing Afrikaans songs. I found that it was easier to zone out and do what needed to be done vs. struggling.

What has not helped either is a busy social calendar, it was hubby's birthday last weekend, our anniversary yesterday and my birthday coming up soon, and it happens to be over Easter weekend too. I've taken to smelling Hot Cross Buns....don't worry, I buy them and don't eat them. Pure torture....!!
Best to face the day. Stay strong and true and remember YOU CAN DO IT!! and so CAN I!!


Deb said...

Ummm Mich. The first thing they should tell you at the Gym is that muscle weighs more than fat ;o)
Quite simply you are building muscle with the exercise...there is bound to be a plateau while this happens.

The fact that you are still losing size is what counts. The rest will come ;o) Keep up the excellent work!

Diana Ferreira said...

wow, a whole bra and cop size smaller! Now that is good! So you are melting away those nasty fat globules, and underneath them you have muscle tissue that is gettting more. That is good - as you shed, you muscle-tone will be come visible, and well. What can I say - that beaut bod is starting to peek out at the world!

Now, for relaxation I do suggest that you go and sit in an office chair in front of your torch, and create a nice sauna effect with you kiln and torch ...

Dawn said...

I have the opposite problem! My scale says I'm losing but my jeans are still tight! At least you're feeling the difference. Have fun at Tai Chi!

Wilmoth Farms Rachel & Her Farmer said...

YOU DOING EVERYTHING RIGHT! DONT PAY ATTENTION TO THE SCALE,,,THE NUMBER DOESNT MATTER..THE SIZE OF THE CLOTHES DO!!!!!!!!!!! So relax your doing it all right! and HAPPY UPCOMING BIRTHDAY....I should be able to get your package I'm sending you in the mail this week..I ran out of supplies....DUH so be on the look out and I'm posting some funny pics of Giant tonight!

Tiffany said...

I bet you are gaining tons of muscle and feeling great! Ignore the scale if you can..they are torture devices.

Maggie said...

Numbers, bah! Get rid of that scale and stick to how those clothes fit and how you feel. Sounds like you are doing fantastic to me!