Thursday, July 31, 2008

Supermom/wife does it again...........

and fails hopelessly. Okay how do those supermom's/wife's do it?? LOL

There has to be a way to squeeze in some glass melting, there just has to be. I've got a feeling it might be when the whole family is sleeping, but that means no sleep for me. Okay, so I've got to get into some sort of routine. Routine, what's that?? LOL

Today was the mad dash everywhere. Make something out of the project. You all know how I love making a finished piece. Jewellery design not being my forte in life. Then the handyman was over to sort out the fence's energiser so that I can operate it from indoors. Much safer that way. While he was checking out the front door, and doing his thing. I'm franctically doing washing, dishes, vacuuming, and only made it to the lounge and the kitchen was sort of half done. We will NOT talk about the BOMB that has gone off in my studio. Eek!!! Ended up chasing him on so that I could make it to the Post Office in time to post the finished project off to the magazine. On my way I see tons of traffic, there is a mess up on the highway. No way am I going to fetch Brad and make it home in time for my oxygen. So no oxygen. Pouty face!!! Barely home and then the mad dash to fetch Josh. Manage to lock myself outside the house and my purse with all important documentation inside. The stupid door will not open. Finally, get it open after nearly bursting into tears. Handymand returns - wondering just how handy he is. Frustration!! Rush and fetch Josh who is way to happy playing and Brad joins in. Only to get home and find out that one handyman has figured out how to get out of the property. Great!! Thanks for telling me not to hurry. I could have had tea and cake. LOL

Oh, and you'll be happy to know that I am no longer selling my Soul for nothing. My workshop fees have been upped considerably. So we'll see what happens.

How was your day.

p.s. we won't talk about the Estate Agent.........what part of I refuse to deal with you does she not get!!! Of course she could not get hold of Ant, he was in a meeting.

as for hubby....

Hubby messed with one of my clothing accounts that I hardly ever use. Hence his being in trouble!! But he's making ground back to the front line. LOL

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angelinabeadalina said...

If it makes you feel any better, I just sat on my glasses-- the didy's for torching, not my prescription glasses that I can happily do without as long as I have my contacts. Hope tomorrow turns out to be a little smoother for ya :)