Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weight Watchers : Week 4 : Down .6kg.s

Not as much as I had hoped but down thankfully!!

Thankfully I am still determined as ever and will be working steadily to another loss next week.

I found a good pair of hiking books. Hi-tec's with ankle support. The boys and I are going to go for walks in the afternoon, spend some time at the local park just around the corner and work towards getting fit for 'little hikes'. And why 'little hikes'? Cause we have found a cool place to go camping at.

We're all pretty much excited around here at the moment. Next weekend is our first weekend away as a family in over 2 years. So even one night away has us jumping like jellybeans!! This is where we are going and this is where we will also be spending Easter weekend (3 nights) which also happens to fall on my Birthday. It's going to be a real treat!!

Next on my wishlist is a mountain bike. I think I discussed briefly last year sometime that Brad and I are keen to take up mountain biking but first some weight has to be shifted.

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Anonymous said...

Very Good!! Keep it up! Kare